Grow Apparel

Welcome to our new online store with our great range of 100% organic apparel. Spend £50 or more for free delivery.

Our launch range, made up of 4 t-shirts, 2 hoodies, a long-sleeved t-shirt and a beanie, is all 100% organic and printed with the most environmentally friendly and superior quality inks on the market.

We use an environmentally friendly design studio, using only eco friendly (water based) inks. This means we don’t use any aerosol glues or harmful screen emulsions/ chemicals.

The inks used are also the highest quality on the market – they embed into the fabric leaving a soft feel which won’t crack like plastisol prints. Our studio hand screen prints everything in house. This way they’re able to check every print is perfect.

Screen printing is, in our opinion the best method for printing onto t-shirts and garments. A silk screen is stretched over a frame and is coated with light sensitive emulsion. Using a stencil, the screen is then exposed to a light source.

When this screen is washed, the areas that were exposed to the light remain and the non-exposed areas wash out, leaving a stencil (positive) on the screen. This screen is then ready for printing.